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Landscape Restoration

Providing value to Landscapes by aligning smart design strategies with effective construction techniques


Many times a developing or aged landscape can be rejuvenated and reshaped rather than simply being replaced.  Using this approach we look for the elements within the existing landscape that, with an efficient and proactive effort, can be brought back to a vibrant purposeful place in the landscape.


Our approach to restorative pruning is to look for the value that has already been invested into your landscape and reclaim the beauty of the mature ornamental trees and shrubs through educated and experienced pruning techniques.


Landscapes, beyond their aesthetic value, also need to function well.  Often one of the areas that needs to be addressed on a maturing landscape are drainage challenges.  The solutions to these issues can be diverse.  In the restoration of a landscape, many times, existing drainage issues can be dealt simultaneously with other elements.


Masonry elements are key features within a home landscape.  We have extensive experience both restoring and reconstructing masonry features.  Our goal is to restore when possible, and replace when needed.


When planning a landscape restoration, sometimes ornamental trees or large shrubs may already be on the site offering a chance to utilize a mature specimen that would be difficult to find or expensive to procure.   Sometimes these specimens are simply misplaced or outgrowing the space they occupy and transplanting can offer the opportunity to reuse these valuable assets in the new landscape design.

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