Designing and building distinctive landscapes for over 35 years.

The Art of Design

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Every landscape and each client is unique and our design process follows a path that discovers and defines the functional needs, aesthetics desires and project scale of each landscape as a unique identity.  Large projects are created in layered phases with initial meetings, conceptual designs, plant selection, plan revisions and the creation of a master plan for construction installation.  Smaller projects can be a simple process with a first meeting followed up by a single plan to guide professional installation or even a customer who may be installing the landscape. The ultimate goal is to generate a master plan for projects both large and small, which brings continuity and guides the creation of the landscape.



The goal of our landscape design is to provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape that is both functional and practical.

  • Assess

  • Conceptualize

  • Design

  • Refine

  • Complete

Comprehenisive Design

Every landscape and each client is unique. Our comprehensive design process follows a path that discovers and defines the client’s functional needs, aesthetic desires and project scale of each specific area of the landscape as a unique identity. Projects that follow the comprehensive design process are created in layered phases. After an initial meeting, conceptual designs with design alternatives, plant selection and material selection discussions will help guide us to creating the master plan for the discerning homeowner who is looking for the creation of a most personal landscape.

Basic Design

Basic design offers the opportunity to obtain a cost effective, high quality guide for your home landscape project. The process will begin with a personal visit to your home to meet with you and learn of your needs and desires for your project. Following this visit, a landscape plan is professionally drawn to scale and will include our plant and material suggestions that are specifically suited to the cultural conditions of your property. This simplified process is directed by the same design essentials that guide each of our landscape designs and include the key elements that help create a distinctive landscape for your home.

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